Cruise to Mount Athos with pilgrimage of Holy relics


A cruise to Mount Athos is an amazing experience of a lifetime! A fabulous opportunity to feel the spiritual aura of this seductive place and admire the magnificent architecture of the Byzantine monasteries along with the majestic landscape surrounding them. Pilgrimage Cruise to Mount Athos give you a unique chance to experience a spiritual pilgrimage to some of the holiest relics keeping untouched for centuries inside the monasteries of Mount Athos.

    • 11.00 - 15.00

    • Every Thursday

    • 20€

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    This pilgrimage is free and open to everyone who is fascinated to see and experience unique places and to admire some of the spiritual treasures being protected from the monks during the centuries, as a part of Mount Athos tradition.
    According to the law known as "Avaton" (in Greek meaning a place where the entrance is prohibited), only men can set foot on Mount Athos and even for them it isn't a simple procedure because you can’t just get there whenever you want. It is necessary to obtain a special permission called "diamonitirion" in order to visit the territory and the monasteries of Mount Athos and that needs to be issued quite some time in advance.
    So not only for women who not allowed to enter the monastic state but also for men, this pilgrimage cruise to Mount Athos is a once in a lifetime experience during which we stop in front of a monastery and 1-2 monks are coming onboard with the precious Holy Relics. 
    This cruise starts at 11:00 from Ouranoupolis and follows the route of our classic cruise to Mount Athos and completes at 15:00 with our returning to the port of Ouranoupolis.


    • 20€ per person

    • For children from 6 to 10 years old discount 50%, under 5 years old free of charge.


    • Cruise around an UNESCO World Heritage Site

    • A truly unique experience with a pilgrimage to holy relics and the extra energy it gives to body, mind and soul.

    • Enjoy breathtaking views of the impressive Byzantine monasteries


    • Detailed, multilingual guided tour to Mount Athos

    • Free Wi-Fi

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