Pilgrimage tours

Pilgrimage tours

Travel to holy places - Monasteries, Temples and Churches in the vicinity of the city of Kavala with the opportunity to make a pilgrimage and worship religious relics exactly where the first Orthodox churches began to be erected and from where the Orthodox faith spread to the whole World!

Every traveler going on vacation to Greece wishes to combine the holiday with perhaps one of the most important events in his life - to touch cleanliness and grace and worship religious relics, because everyone knows that Greece has always been not only the guardian of ancient culture but also a stronghold Orthodoxy. The company "Kavala Tour" invites you to travel to Holy places, where you can escape from the bustle, get in touch with Eternity, strengthen your faith and resolve important issues for yourself.

Book your travels by filling the form below, choosing Holy places you want to visit and together with us, once again you will pass by the way where once walked the Apostle Paul and the Saints - Herman, Gregory and Nicholas!

After processing your application, our managers will contact you to coordinate all details and prices by phone, e-mail or in the messenger (depending on your instructions in the feedback).

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