Sightseeing and Swimming Cruises

Aegean Sea Sailing, Boat and Yachting Cruises to the Mount Athos and Amazing Greek Islands.

Авторские туры в Грецию

Majestic Cruises & Holidays 2019 in Greece

Explore the beauty of the colorful and picturesque seaside and waters of the Aegean sea with a wide variety of Sailing, Boat and Yachting Cruises to satisfy all of the demands, preferences and different tastes. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Halkidiki peninsula with a barbeque onboard and live authentic Greek moments! Feel the spiritual aura of Mount Athos and admire the natural beauty of verdant Thassos island. Visit magnificent Greek islands with a swimming or snorkeling excursions. Give yourself a unique experience of the Greek summer, sun, sea and sand that you will always remember!

Trans Alps Adventure

Classical Cruise to Mount Athos

Duration: 3 hours. Price: 20€
Every Monday, Friday & Saturday
Tour for property

Sightseeing Cruise to the Monasteries of a Holy Mountain

Cruise to Mount Athos with pilgrimage of Holy Relics

Duration: 4 hours. Price: 20€
Every Thursday

Explore Mount Athos in a whole different perspective!

"Fun & Sun" Cruise in Halkidiki Peninsula

Duration: 8 hours. Price: 35€
Every Sunday

A whole-day cruise for swimming, snorkeling and fun

"Blue Lagoon" Cruise in Halkidiki from Sithonia

Duration: 7 hours. Price: 35€
Every Tuesday

Swimming & Barbeque Cruise in Vourvourou, Drenia & Ammouliani

"Combo" Cruise to Mount Athos & Halkidiki

Duration: 6 hours. Price: 30€
Every Wednesday

Cruise to Mount Athos combined with swimming & barbeque

“Summer Moments” Cruise to the Ammouliani Island

Duration: 2,5 hours. Price: 10€
Every Thursday

Cruise for swimming in “Alykes” beach or in Drenia islets

Cruises to Mount Athos:

Mount Athos is one of the most popular cruising destinations in Greece and every summer attracts so many visitors from the entire globe. Even if you don't care about the deeper meaning of the significance of this mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of Orthodoxy, you should at least let yourself enjoy a unique sight of the monasteries which are build in beautiful unspoiled natural settings and have been facing the Aegean sea for over ten centuries.

Cruises for Fun & Sun in Halkidiki:

Enhance your holiday experience in Greece with all our new exclusive cruises for swimming & snorkeling in some of the most enchanting spots of Halkidiki. Dive from the boat, swim in crystal clear waters, enjoy sandy beaches, explore the underwater world, relax under the sun and live authentic Greek moments! The very definition of the eulogized Greek summer of sun, sea and sand.

Customized Tours

Our experienced and professional team create the tours of your dreams. We can manage all areas of the trips including accommodation, transport, attractions and well organized itineraries. Our tours are absolutely customized only for you and for your loved!

Quality Services

Original Routes

Discover Kavala with our company with unusual sightseeing routes created by people living in the city of Kavala and in the island of Thassos and you won't miss a thing! We can tailor-make a trip to your needs or offer our tried and tested tours with pre-set itineraries.

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