Fascinating and interesting tours based on the inspiration of professional guides living in Kavala and sincerely in love with this city!

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Tour Packages 2019 in Kavala

Kavala is an amazing city with a rich and ancient history, a huge number of attractions, a magnificent Aegean sea, a plenty of beautiful beaches, developed infrastructure, numerous taverns and shops, a rich choice of entertainment and sightseeing. Kavala has become a popular tourist destination in Greece but hasn’t lost its original charm, but on the contrary has developedall the necessary infrastructure. Every day of your staying in Kavala will not be the same with the other. That's why every year more and more people choose this city for the beginning of their unforgettable travels to the sunny Greece!

Trans Alps Adventure

Special Tour for Greek Property

Duration: 3 days
from 160 Euro
Tour for property

Weekend tour in Kavala for choose and buy real estate in Greece

Vacation Tour Package in Kavala

Duration: 8 days
from 340 Euro

Classical tour for beach vacation with sightseeing programs

Weekend Tour Package in Kavala

Duration: 5 days
from 270 Euro

Unforgettable weekend in one of the most beautiful Greek city

Classical Tour Package in Kavala

Duration: 12 days
from 480 Euro

Great beach holidays in the amazing city on the shore of the Aegean Sea

2 Week Tour Package in Kavala

Duration: 15 days
from 540 Euro

The long-awaited summer vacation in the picturesque city of Kavala

Classical Tour Package in Kavala

Duration: 11 days
from 450 Euro

Beach and sightseeing tour for your unforgettable vacation in Kavala

Why tours in Kavala city:

In Northern Greece where the West meets the East, in the home of the King of Macedonia Philip II - the father of the Alexander the Great, in the "Blue City" or as many call it "Little Monte Carlo", in the city of fascinating beauty with magical power of attraction you will travel to another, charming era! You are in the city of Kavala - in one of the most beautiful Greek cities. If you visit it once you will fall in love with it forever!

The Advantages of Guided Tours in Kavala:

It's not big but very picturesque city on the shore of the Aegean Sea, Here you will find the purest sea, the beaches which stretch along the coast in both directions for tens of kilometers, you will see many interesting sightseeings, enjoy delicious food, visit historical places and of course you will swim in the warm Aegean Sea.

Customized Tours

Our experienced and professional team create the tours of your dreams. We can manage all areas of the trips including accommodation, transport, attractions and well organized itineraries. Our tours are absolutely customized only for you and for your loved!

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Original Routes

Discover Kavala with our company with unusual sightseeing routes created by people living in the city of Kavala and in the island of Thassos and you won't miss a thing! We can tailor-make a trip to your needs or offer our tried and tested tours with pre-set itineraries.

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