One-day sightseeing excursion to the island of Thassos with a guide from the company "Kavala Tour"

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Having holidays in Kavala or in Thassos we recommend to book the sightseeing excursion and learn a lot of interesting about the island of Thassos, because the history of the island goes back to the distant past, and visiting local historical monuments and archaeological parks preserved here since ancient times, you will not only learn a lot of interesting things but you will also see monuments of past eras.

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The walls of the ancient fortress, the temple of Apollo, the ancient theater, the acropolis, ritual constructions dedicated to the god Dionysus and much more. In addition, our guide will immerse you in mythology, one of which says that the island was named after Thassos, the son of Phoenician King Agenor, who came here in search of his sister Europe, abducted by Zeus.

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In the course of our excursion, we will visit the following cities and settlements: Kallirahi - which will remind us of those times when pirates were raging in these waters, Limenarja is the second largest island town, Theologos is a very ancient mountain village with a great abundance of springs and dense forests, which became the reason why monks from Athos settled here.

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Along the whole perimeter of the island there are amazing beaches and cozy coves surrounded by pine forests and olive groves that we will see with you during our trip around the island, and in one of the beach we will swim, after such an intense but interesting excursion. We will stop for lunch in a traditional Greek tavern, in the picturesque place of Aliki - from which opens a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.


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