The jorney to one of the oldest cities in Western Macedonia, located on the shores of the highland Lake Orestiada, famous throughout the world as the "Capital of the furs"

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The city of Kastoria admires tourists with its narrow streets, mansions and Byzantine churches. Only here you can see such a variety of ancient churches and cathedrals. The city was founded in 840 BC, but the legend says that this area was already inhabited long before the founding of the city. In the old days Kastoria was a bastion of the Byzantine Empire. Initially the city was called Kaletron, and then was renamed Diakletianopol.

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And only in the Middle Ages because of the large number of beavers in this area the city was named Kastoria, from the ancient Greek "Castor" - beaver. However, there is another interesting legend of the emergence of the name of the city, which goes back to myths. According to the oldest legend in these parts on Mount Seli settled son of the main god Olympus Zeus Castor, his name and became the reason for the name of the amazing beauty of the city.

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Kastoria is justly proud of its remarkable monuments of the past: here are more than 72 Byzantine churches and after the Byzantine periods with the rare frescos of the Cretan art school, to which Feofan the Greek also belonged. The most popular among tourists is the temple of the Holy Mother of God Mavriotis (XI century), and the Byzantine Museum, located on the site of the ancient Acropolis.

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In the museum there are about 450 ancient Byzantine icons dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, and only 38 of them are on display in the halls for tourists. Not far from Kastoria is a park-museum in the open air, where is the really existing on this place huts of the Neolithic era on piles in the lap zone. The museum of the park presents the tools of prehistoric people from the horns and bones of animals and fish, vessels for food storage, utensils for food and even prehistoric jewelry.

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It was here that the great tradition of the first furriers to produce fur products was born, which along with the spiritual heritage of the Byzantine era brought the city of Kastoria worldwide fame. High art and love of the masters of the area to the furrier's craft turned this city into a world center for the production of fur products. The fur coats produced by local furriers are of excellent quality and have been well-known in the world.

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Kastoria city today is the oldest capital of furriers is an international exhibition center of fur products. Every year in May an international exhibition of fur coats is held, where more than 1500 factories in Kastoria are exhibiting their products. If you, in addition to the excursion, are going to buy a fur coat for the cold Russian winter, then to your taste any factories and shops.


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