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Journey to the "City of Waters" city of Edessa is the only city in the world where waterfalls are located almost in the city center, and near the city there is a thermal spa "Loutra-Pozar", which in the times of Great Alexander was famous for its healing power.

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Edessa is a city of romantics and lovers where a vast park of waterfalls is on the edge of a cliff with a total of 11 waterfalls where between the murmuring large and small streams and canals grow a variety of trees - spruce, beeches, whimsical plane trees, and get under the influence his charm is impossible. As historians suppose, waterfalls appeared at the end of the 14th century after an earthquake or some other natural cataclysm.

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Until then, the waters had gathered in a lake west of the city, but at one point the streams suddenly changed their direction and began to erupt from a steep rock, forming many large and small waterfalls. In ancient times, Edessa wore the name Egi ((Αιγές, which means "goats") the former first Macedonian capital and had the most direct relation to the royal family of Macedonia - here was the tomb of monarchs. Today this ancient connection is hinted by one of the city's most important adornments - a sculpture Alexander the Great.

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The ancient policy of Edessa was founded approximately in the 10th century BC,(translated from the Phrygian dialect as a fortress on the water), which later underwent great changes. Remains of the fortress walls of the old city are a unique find for archaeologists. Excavation is ongoing and to this day. In addition to the walls, ancient burials were discovered, the central road with miraculously surviving columns, household items.

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A lot of myths and legends are associated with this city. According to legend, the first king of Macedonia at this place met the herd with sheep predicted by the oracle in Delphi, which after the beginning of heavy rain led the soldiers into a residential village. All the inhabitants were exterminated by the settlers and the first capital of the future Macedonian kingdom, Egi was subsequently founded. The mutton horns were used in the manufacture of the ornaments and armor of the Macedonian rulers including Alexander the Great.

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Not far from Edessa is another attraction of the region, the hot healing springs - Loutra-Pozar. You can visit well-known hydropathic clinics in the open air from the time of Alexander the Great, whose water temperature reaches +37 degrees. Water from these sources is collected in a special pool, where during the year you can take bicarbonate baths.

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Then literally boiling water rises to the surface along natural drainage channels, taking from the ground all useful trace elements. Phosphorus, Radium, Calcium, Iodine, Hydrogen Sulphide and Potassium - the healing water of Lutra in Aridea bursts out from under the earth just like this healing cocktail. Here you can relax in one of fifty individual baths or choose one of the smaller pools with hot or conversely cold mineral water.

Information about excursion to the city of Edessa

  • • Excursion to the city of Edessa, waterfalls and thermal springs of Loutra Pozar carried out only by prior request which should be submitted at least 1 week before the planned travel date.
    • The duration of the excursion is 4 hours.
    • The distance from Kavala to Edessa is 340 km. one way.
    • During the excursion there is a stop for lunch.

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  • • The price of the excursion only on request

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  • • You should have a passport as well as a camera and a great mood.
    • We recommend that you wear light, casual clothing and comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes or sneakers, to have a hat and sunglasses.
    • To take a bath in thermal springs you should have a swimsuit.

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