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Excursion to the Mount Olympus and to the ancient Macedonian city of Dion, where was the sacrificial altar of Zeus!

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The highest point in Greece, the historical and legendary mountain, the abode of the ancient gods from where the powerful Zeus performed his justice, thunder and lightning. Here lived the wise Athena, Poseidon, the beautiful Aphrodite, the crafty Hera, and also other gods, known to us from the history of ancient Greece and ancient legends and myths.

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Only the great heroes of antiquity would ascend to Olympus. It was a long time ago. And today it is a popular tourist site, which is visited daily by many tourists from all over the world, because one of us does not dream of visiting the ancient abode of the gods, which we have known since childhood.

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The excursion begins with the ancient Macedonian city of Dion (Dion archaeological park). It is located on the northern slope of Mount Olympus where was a sacrificial altar of Zeus. Once here they offered sacrifices to the inhabitants of Olympus, and from here began the Great Alexander its famous campaign to the Asia sacrificing 100 bulls.

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Here we will visit the remarkable archaeological museum and the ruins of the ancient city of Dion. Here were preserved the foundation of the temple dedicated to Zeus, as well as the destroyed temples of Demeter and the Egyptian Isis, whose cult flourished in the era of Hellenism. Also preserved is the Odeon, Roman baths decorated with mosaic, cobbled streets and part of residential buildings, Villa Dionysus, as well as antique columns and graceful statues.

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After the excursion to Dion, we begin to climb by road to the legendary Mount Olympus! After 3 kilometers we stop at the monastery of St. Dionysius, where we will get acquainted with this monument of architecture of the XVI century, and then we climb the mountain to an altitude of 1100 meters, where is located the picturesque village of Prionia.

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From here tourists will be able to make hiking tours around Olympus and this is truly a unique place from where you can see a magnificent view of the Olympic riviera and the Aegean Sea. Accompanied by our guide who knows all the paths and secret places, you will wander through the picturesque trails of Olympus, learn many interesting things and most importantly, feel the real magical power of this majestic mountain the birthplace of the ancient Greek Gods!

Information about excursion to the Mount Olympus

  • • Excursion with a guide to Mount Olympus and to the ancient Macedonian city of Dion carried out only by prior request which should be submitted at least 1 week before the planned trip date.
    • The duration of the excursion is 4 hours, taking into account moving from Kavala and back - 11 hours.
    • During the excursion there is a stop for lunch.

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  • • The price of the excursion only on request

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  • • You should have a passport as well as a camera and a great mood.
    • We recommend that you wear light, casual clothing and comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes or sneakers, to have a hat and sunglasses.

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