To the Monastic state - the paradise of Greece and to the homeland of Aristotle!

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The incredible beauty of the Halkidiki in the Aegean Sea, consists of three smaller peninsulas, and has been attracting pilgrims and tourists from all over the world for many years. The Halkidiki attracts people here for the sandy beaches of Cassandra (the first finger), for the sights of Sithonia (the second finger), and of course for the most beutiful Athos (the third finger), where we will make our excursion.

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The peninsula of Athos is about 55 km long, and in width from 8 to 15 km and covers an area of about 350 square kilometers. The natural beauty of the peninsula is excellent. Mount Athos which dominates the peninsula is a huge cone with a height of 2.033 meters. Its bare top seems to touch the sky and its slopes are completely covered with ancient trees creating an incomparable natural beauty.

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Our excursion to the Athos begins with a very important city of ANCIENT STAGIR, which was destroyed by King Philip II, but restored by his son - the Great Alexander, in gratitude for giving the world the greatest ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. So we are at the birthplace of the legendary Aristotle, the disciple of Plato and the teacher of Alexander the Great.

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A sensational discovery was made here by archaeologists in 2016 when 20 years after the excavation began in ancient Stagir were discovered fragments of the grave monument of the great philosopher Aristotle.


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