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Buy and own property in Greece is prompted by many factors, but first of all it is an excellent climate, over 300 sunny days a year, incredible beauty of nature, warm sea, very healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and the most key position at the present time is occupied with property prices , which, according to experts, during the economic crisis fell to 50% of the original cost, and to date are recognized as among the lowest in the EU.

The consequences of the economic crisis have not been overcome so far, however for numerous buyers of villas, apartments, houses, hotels, land plots, etc. this factor helps keeping prices at a low level. The cost of an object is directly dependent on its state. In Greece new real estate is not too much because construction for the reasons of the crisis is actually reduced to zero, so there are many offers of the secondary market on sale. As many proposals "unfinished" - in case you have a desire to continue construction.

To have a property in Greece is an opportunity to live in the EU without restrictions, because since 2013, the law on the "golden visa" is in effect, according to which at the conclusion of a transaction amounting from € 250 thousand, the buyer of real estate receives a residence permit. The secondary real estate in Greece comes under this law if several objects are purchased in such a way that the total purchase price exceeds this barrier.


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