Monastery of Archangel Michael in Thassos

Monastery Of Archangel Michael in island of Thassos

At an altitude of 250 m. above sea level, on top of a steep cliff from which offers a charming view to the endless Aegean Sea and the Mount Athos located the monastery of the Archangel Michael which stores a part of the Holy Nail from the Cross of Jesus Christ!

Archangel Michael Thassos

In the southern part of the island of Thassos from where there is a stunning view of the sea and Mount Athos, located the main shrine of the island - the Monastery of Archangel Michael, whose history is closely connected with the Holy Nail from the right hand of Jesus Christ, which was found during the excavations of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Thassos Archangel Monastery Kavala

After the Cross of Christ was brought to Constantinople, the Byzantine emperor as a gift to the newly restored monastery Philotheus on Holy Mount Athos, bestowed numerous values, including the Holy Nail. After the osman imperia seized the Holy Mountain, the monks rescued holy objects by sending them to other countries by sea.

Thassos Arhangel Monastery KavalaTour

A boat with relics hit the storm and the monks landing on Thassos, hid the holy objects in the rocks exactly where stood the chapel of the Holy Archangel, and later the Holy Nail was found here during the restoration of the monastery. When found out about it on the holy mountain, the monks decided to return it to Mount Athos.

Thassos Arhangel Michael Monastery

However Archangel Michael wanted to return the Holy Nail in Thassos therefore he appeared in the dream of the monks from the monastery Philotheus on Mount Athos ordering them to return the nail to Thassos. The monks disobeyed him and later noticed that the nail was gone. Since then the holiday of the return of the Holy Nail is celebrated in Thassos annually after Easter.

Thassos Arhangel Monastery Tour

Today the Holy Nail is kept in the monastery and anyone can it see. Besides here you can see the arms exhibition, visit a shop selling souvenirs made by nunn’s hands and of course put a candle in the church and pray for healing from physical and spiritual ailments.

Thassos Arhangel Peshera

For people with strong physical health there is a unique opportunity to go down by very difficult path and on a steep cliff down under the monastery, where you can find a miraculous source of healing water. The spring located in a small cave where you need to enter bent over as if worshiping the Archangel Michael. According to legend who will try the healing water in this source will receive healing from various diseases.

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