Just 35 km. from the city of Kavala in the marvelous forest on the slope covered with dense greenery of the mountain Pangaion, at an altitude of 753 meters above sea level, located the Monastery of the Holy Mary Eikosifoinissa. This is one of the most significant sacred places of Macedonia, and its name was given by the name of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, revered by the believers as "the Blessed Virgin's face" Pilgrims from all over the World are flocking to the icon in the monastery. This place is sanctified by the Orthodox tradition from the earliest centuries of Christianity.

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Just 12 km away from the city of Kavala next to the ancient, archaeological site of Philippi located the place where the Apostle Paul baptized the first Christian woman in Europe - Lydia, and it was here that the first baptismal ceremony was held in Europe. Today here is the Baptistery where the christenings are held today.

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Holy Church of Saint Gregory the Theologian

Just 10 kilometers from the town of Kavala, in the center of the neighboring city of Nea Karvali, stands the Holy Church of Saint Gregory the Theologian, where most of the relics of the saint are kept. This is one of the most important sights of the region and a major pilgrimage place, which attracts a huge number of believers from all over Greece and abroad.

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Just 70 km to the north from Kavala city, close to the small village of Porto Lagos, on two small islands of the beautiful and picturesque lake Vistonida located a unique place a complex from the Monastery of St. Nicholas - area of Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos, and the Church of Panagia Pantanassa where is find the list of the miraculous image of the Mother of God Pantanassa, which is located in the Vatopedi monastery on Mount Athos!

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Monastery Of Archangel Michael in island of Thassos

At an altitude of 250 m. above sea level, on top of a steep cliff from which offers a charming view to the endless Aegean Sea and the Mount Athos located the monastery of the Archangel Michael which stores a part of the Holy Nail from the Cross of Jesus Christ!

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Monastery of St. John the Theologian and Arsenios the Cappadocian in Souroti

Near with the city of Thessaloniki in the village of Souroti located the Monastery of St. John the Theologian where live 67 nuns by strict Mount Athos rules.

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The Meteora Monasteries

One of the most unique wonders of the world on the planet. The largest complex of 6 existing monasteries located on the tops of the rocks!

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Holy Mount Athos

The spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world - the unique monastic state - a land of treasures and miracles.

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