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Sightseeing tour to the city of Thessaloniki with a visit to the Holy places, archaeological excavations and sights of the city with a guide from the company "Kavala Tour"

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Named after Alexander the Great's sister Thessaloniki - is the second largest city in the country after Athens and is the capital of Central Macedonia. Today it is the cultural capital of the country. The city is famous for its international exhibitions, festivals and events. In addition it is a city with more than 3000 years of history, where were preserved the imprints of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman empires, as well as the once dominant Jewish population.

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During the excursion of the city you will be provided with all the necessary historical and cultural information, and at your request the opportunity to explore the city on your own and make purchases. Our excursion of Thessaloniki begins with a visit to the active cathedral of Agios Dimitrios, built on the site of the death of Dimitry of Thessalonica (St. Great Martyr Demetrius), who is the patron saint of the city, and the temple retains the rare mosaic and relics of St. Demetrios.

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Further you will see: the picturesque embankment of Thessaloniki, the white tower of the 15th century - the symbol of Thessaloniki, the monuments of Alexander the Great and Philip II, the Byzantine walls of the 5th century BC, the emperor Justinian I, the triumphal arch of Galeria (III century), the Temple of Zeus (which is more than 1800 years old), the ancient Agora and other interesting places in the center of the city. Once in the central square of Thessaloniki - square of Aristotle you will know why shines the philosopher's finger on the monument and why.

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After that, accompanied by our guide, you will visit the Upper city of Thessaloniki - Ano Poli - which differs from the main city in its architecture, where you will see the ancient chapel of the holy apostles Peter and Paul of the Byzantine era, the temple of Osios David, which will amaze you not only with architecture, but also a unique mosaic found under a layer of plaster 100 years ago, the Byzantine gate and the majestic fortress wall that surrounded Hanno Poly before the beginning of our era.

At the end of the excursion, you will be offered an additional (extra) excursion (at your request) to the suburb of Thessaloniki: to the Monastery of St. John the Theologian and St. Arseniosn and to the tomb of the blessed Elder Paisios, where you can touch the shrines and find yourself in a fertile atmosphere.

Information about excursion to the Thessaloniki

  • • Excursion with the guide in Thessaloniki is completely pedestrian, with a visit to all the iconic attractions of the city.
    • Duration of the Excursion is 4 hours.
    • The excursion can be carried out only by prior request which should be submitted at least 1 week before the planned trip date

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  • • The price of the excursion only on request.

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  • • You should have a passport as well as a camera and a great mood.
    • We recommend that you wear light, casual clothing and comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes or sneakers, to have a hat and sunglasses.
    • For visiting the Monastery women should have their shoulders and head closed and a long skirt is compulsory (can be take at the entrance)

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