The main specialization of our company is the organization of an individual, group and well-organized holiday in Kavala and the islands of the Aegean Sea.

Our Experience

Tired of similar and boring tours? Don't want the monotony of mass holidays? Being nervous of the noise from neighbors? Forget it ... We'll organize an individual tour for you considering all your preferences - whether you travel alone, with family or with a big group.

Our Philosophy

Nowadays there is appearing a new trend in tourism in Greece, when people try to organize their own vacation by themselves. And this is a good idea... Because you will be independent throughout your holidays, and we will help you with any part of your trip.

Our Philosophy

Late with the early booking of the tour? Missed the cheap tours from your tour operator? Changed plans and decided to make holidays urgently? Don’t worry... We offer holidays in Greece at affordable prices and the payment for all our services you make by arriving in Greece.



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