Education in Greece is a right of every person, so it’s absolutely free of charge.However, in order to begin the studies you need to know Greek language, as teaching in public universities is conducted in native language. For foreign students, special courses for studying Modern Greek language have been developed.

So, after coming to Greece for studying, you need to enroll for intensive budget courses to obtain a certificate of sufficient knowledge of Greek language. There are three types of language courses:

1) General course – from the beginning of October till the end of May.
2) Intensive course – from the beginning of December till the end of May.
3) Summer course - from the beginning of June till the end of July.

The main purpose of each program is to prepare students for state examination which takes place at the end of May. The most famous courses are held in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as on some islands, and the cost ranges from 600 to 750 euros, depending on the amount of hours you take.

You may get detailed information about the procedure of collecting documents, deadlines and prices by submitting an application to our employee – specialist in the field of Education in the section Order the Service.


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