Want to study in Greece for free? This is real, and immediately after graduating from high school in your country without passing the exams.

Greece is considered as one of the most attractive countries for studying. Its rich culture, warm Mediterranean climate, old architectural monuments and especially its free educational system magnetize and attract thousands of students all over the world. Greek universities excel in high level of teaching and provide a broad spectrum of specializations, additional seminars and various research programs. The main advantage of studying in Greece is the ability to earn a European style diploma absolutely for free. As soon as you are admitted at the university, you will receive a student Identification Card (Paso). The privileges of Paso include absolutely free food at the university canteen, a 50% discount on public transportation, a free of charge Greek telephone number with free minutes to communicate via student network, a free entrance almost to all museums in Greece, a 50% discount on ferries tickets throughout Greek islands, a free of charge use of university libraries, etc. However, the most important advantage is free educational books provided from the Ministry of Education in comparison with other countries, where textbooks occupy the lion’s share of students’ budget. Also, the Ministry of Education provides scholarships depending on the country of origins that vary in a range of 500 and 650 euros per month. Since the Greek people are very kind and responsive, professors treat with understanding foreign students and render any assistance in understanding the subject, and the students themselves are interested in foreign fellows and their customs, providing thus the opportunity to obtain new friends in the process of exchange, who will guide you throughout your studies. In addition, a student visa gives you the right to work 20 hours per week.

Greece is the cradle of European civilization, studying and living in which gives you a unique opportunity to get in touch with the heritage of Ancient Greece, its customs and traditions, and at the same time to feel yourself as a part of the modern European society, since the European style diploma opens doors to many European organizations and is valued highly all over the world. Even if you haven’t decided yet in which faculty you want to study, the Greek educational system gives you a right to choose up to 20 faculties while applying at the university. Our employees will take care about collecting all necessary documents and you just need to obtain the Greek language certificate by visiting courses of intensive Modern Greek language that will allow you to begin studies at the university. These language courses are designed specifically for foreign students who wish to pursue a program in a public Greek university and help to adapt quickly to the Greek-speaking environment. At the end of the courses you will not face any problem with understanding, since a regular practice will make you feel free to communicate with native speakers and make dialogues with Greeks. Besides these language courses, the learning of Greek language continues at the university and lasts for 2 till 6 semesters, depending on the faculty, as a mandatory lesson for foreigners absolutely free of charge. Details on the Greek language courses you can read following this link.

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