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Approximately 15 km from the city of Kavala in the summer months is the Philippi festival on the same archeological site. For more than half a century the festival has presented the cultural values of the peoples of northern Greece in the form of theatrical performances, attracting thousands of tourists annually. The program of the festival consists of musical concerts and theater performances, but a unique experience is the observation of an ancient performance in a well-preserved historical theater.

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International Cosmopolis Festival. The festival is held since 2000, the purpose of which is to exchange traditions and customs of different peoples of the world. On the ancient streets of the old town of Kavala you can taste foreign cuisine, hear national rhythms, see traditional clothes and folk dances and see a documentary about the life and traditions of this or that country.

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In addition to these festivals in Kavala are held, many musical concerts of various genres from rock and roll to classical ones, and merry holidays dedicated to the gifts of nature cause a special interest among tourists: a feast of potatoes, chestnut, asparagus, watermelon, and the most interesting is a grape festival, called "intoxicating" because it ends only when people are tired of drinking an inexhaustible wine. On all these festivals, folk songs always sound, and all present dance in a large circle singing in chorus.

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